RELEASED: January 1, 2012
ARTIST: Secretmen
LABEL: Secretmen
CATALOGUE NUMBER: © Copyright - Secretmen / Secretmen (088907210197)

Secretmen is a fusion jazz quartet from Canada. The band draws on influences from a number of musical styles, from funk to rock, and is known for an unconventional style sometimes described as “Zombie Battle Funk”.


Save yourself from Zombies!

Secretmen reveal how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse through special FREE survival codes embedded in the sonic vibrations of their unique petrified battle funk music. If you don’t protect yourself you may be susceptible to Zombie attacks in the future. There are 6-8 famous people who have used these codes. In addition to survival, you will make new friends that you can go out and play frisbee with on weekends or after work.

Scientists around the world have proclaimed that Secretmen have produced the most effective means of combat against Zombies. Scientists have also proclaimed that listening to Zombie Battle Music may help you build courage and defy great odds. The prescribed listening amount varies from country to country, town to town but the result is the same. Protection from Zombies!

May all living humanity unite against the army of the dead under the battle cries of this Canadian Quartet. Good luck and go forth with courage.